The Last password you'll have t remember!


ScriptingAnswers Forums: Powershell, list all users in active directory

ScriptingAnswers Forums: Powershell, list all users in active directory:

$searcher.FindAll() |
    ForEach-Object{ $_.GetDirectoryEntry() } |
    select Name, Mail, Path


11 Ways to Make Your LastPass Account Even More Secure

11 Ways to Make Your LastPass Account Even More Secure

LastPass for Applications

Jag hoppas du använder någon form av hjälpmedel för att  kunna använda olika lösenord på alla siter du använder. Själv använder jag LastPass och är mycket nöjd, men har saknat en applikation som hanterar lösenord i program. Men det finns en LastPass for applications...

LastPass for Applications

Please Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Please Turn On Two-Factor Authentication:


Android 4.0 on Raspberry Pi - Hack a Day

Android 4.0 on Raspberry Pi - Hack a Day

Rasberry pi - Hack a Day

Du hittar en massa kul om Raspberry Pi på Hack a Day

Rasberry pi - Hack a Day

Trådlös solstrålningsmätare/intelligent skymmningsrelä

Trådlös solstrålningsmätare/intelligent skymmningsrelä:

Things should just work - Automagically - Home

Ett projekt där man med en Rasberry Pi och en Tellstik försöker skapa en image som kör allt som behövs.
Tanken är ladda ner filen, kopiera till SD kortet och stoppa i kortet i Rasberry Pi och kör. Konfigurera allt via den inbyggda webservern...

Things should just work - Automagically - Home

Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine

Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine:

MAC OS WOL How do I do it?

Here's what's going on:  Apple changed the kernel's response to magic packets (the Ethernet WoL packet) so that, by default, the machine no longer wakes up fully when it recieves one; it stays in low-power wake.  Instead, they want you to buy an AirPort or use another computer (a Bonjour Sleep Proxy) to watch the network for traffic trying to reach certain services on your sleeping machine, and to give it a kick (a WoL packet) when it sees such traffic.  This kernel feature is called Dark Wake.

But that's annoying.  Many things don't use mDNS, and many people aren't using Apple router products.  I use SVN to sync things between my computers, so when my Mac Pro is asleep, I want to be able to wake it up from wherever I am and from whatever device/platform I'm using.  So, I told the kernel not to use Dark Wake.

The kernel is the very first program that the boot loader (which is the first screen you see when you power on your computer -- probably grey and with an Apple logo) calls.  The boot loader can pass arguments to it, much like other programs you might run from the command line.

Here's the procedure I used (please don't do this unless you're comfortable using vi to edit system files):

  1. Opened a Terminal window.
  2. Changed to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration by typing the following: cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
  3. Edited using vi under sudo (because the file is owned by root):
    1. sudo vi
    2. Moved the insertion point down to the  associated with the Kernel Flags
    3. Hit the "i" key to begin inserting text
    4. Typed darkwake=0
    5. Hit the "esc" key to exit insertion mode
    6. Typed ":wq" to save the file and exit
  4. Rebooted the system.

WOL How do I do it?



Om du behöver starta en dator, som har Wake-on-LAN funktion (vilket de flesta har idag) så kan du använda detta lilla program. MC-WOL

Exempel: mc-wol 00:01:02:58:A3:C7

Där 00:01:02:58:A3:C7 är MAC adressen på nätverkskortet i datorn du vill starta.

Varför vill jag starta en dator där jag inte befinner mig? Det finns många anledningar. Är du system administratör kanske du vill att kontorets windows datorer skall vara igång natten den andra tisdagen i varje månad för att Microsoft då publicerar uppdateringar via windows update.
Eller som jag här hemma har en multimedia PC vid varje TV. När barnen vill att jag skall sätta igång en film vill jag inte gå ner till TVn för att starta datorn först. Jag använder mc-wol och startar datorn som automatiskt loggar in och startar Plex, som jag sedan kan fjärrstyra från t ex min mobil.


Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III review: S to the third -

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III review: S to the third -

Final words

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S III, they saw to it that their top smartphone matched - at the very least - the best on the market. And because no effort was too much in insuring against any surprises, they ended up with something that's nearly impossible to beat. Love it or hate it, the S III is one of the top phones on the market and will stay so for quite a while.

SamyGo Remote for Android - Remote control Samsung TV with Android

SamyGo Remote for Android - Remote control Samsung TV with Android:


UIRT2 Home Page

UIRT2 Home Page:


Intelliremote is a software program that gives you complete remote control of your Home Theater PC infrared or radio frequency remote and unlocks its true potential. HTPC makers have an excellent idea bundling an IR or RF remote control with their product…it’s just too bad the software included doesn’t do everything you want your remote to do!

Intelliremote | Melloware:



IR sändare för PC

Eventghost Web Gui | Sebastian Nilsson

Eventghost Web Gui | Sebastian Nilsson: